At Clarkes.Team, we take pride in over-the-top excellence and 100% customer satisfaction. We are not just a team but a family headed by the incredible I.T Specialist Steven Clarke. We have common professional goals. We support each other, learn, grow together, and most importantly, excel at putting you first in all our dealings. The truth, however, is that without you, there would be no Clarkes.Team. So today, we will introduce you to one of the talented team members. Her name is Fortune Aganbi, and she is the brain behind most of the content you read on our blog. So let us get to know Fortune better!

Who is Fortune?

Fortune Aganbi is a talented writer and industrious entrepreneur. She is from Nigeria and speaks Urhobo and English as her primary languages. Fortune has a BA in English and Literary Studies from Delta State University, Nigeria. She has also experimented with other professional fields, such as business and tech, and is very open to learning new things. Her curiousity instinct inspired her to delve into the tech & business spaces by learning Data Analytics, Forex, and Python Development!

However, Fortune’s lifelong passion is writing. There is nothing she enjoys more than stringing words together in a creative manner. She started writing at age 10, mainly scribbling gibberish stories on her father’s magazines and toilet papers! With her knack for thinking outside the box and her vivid imagination, she culled a name for herself during her university days as the best writer in the school. She headed the Short Story Unit of the Creative Writing Workshop of her alma mater for four years while also doubling as the Financial Secretary. She won the first runner-up prize in the Blueice Empire Writers competition. She has also presented her creative pieces in the gatherings of top African writers such as Tanure Ojaide. She has authored one e-book.

Fortune is a private person with a strong sense of family and friendship and has quite an unconventional idea of fun. Her core values include kindness, gratitude, and loyalty. She takes pride in the job she does as an I.T Content writer at Clarke’s.Team and feels honored to be part of the family.

What is Fortune’s Role at Clarkes.Team?

Fortune is the team’s content writer! She is responsible for researching and writing most of the original informational content you consume on our blog. She writes in a simple yet exotic style, breaking down technical terms and topics in a way that is easy to digest. No matter your level of exposure, you can be sure that Fortune can get you to comprehend her writing. One of the tenets she lives by as a writer is “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” a quote by the renowned Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci.  She likes to say, “It is not writing if your target audience can’t understand it.”

At Clarkes.Team, Fortune covers topics concerning our services: Business Server Management, WordPress Management, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure, Vulnerability & Malware Mitigation, and other techy topics. She also creates content for the company’s advertisements and email automation and helps with written social media content for the team.

How Does Fortune Aspire to Help You?

In a world where a lack of information and awareness can cost you many opportunities, Fortune is dedicated to enlightening you on everything you need to know about the technical aspects of your business through her writing at Clarkes.Team. She also wants you to save time and resources by teaching you through her composition on how to fix simple technical errors. And in situations when you can’t, she recommends you to the best people for the job, such as our professionals at Clarkes.Team. She conducts thorough research on your technical pain points and puts together a solution just for you, sparing you more time from your business to create unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Some Fun Things About Fortune

Fortune is an introvert, but this does not mean she is not intriguing! Fortune loves nature, and although she is a lousy swimmer, she loves to dip herself in natural water bodies. Additionally, she is a dog and cat lover. However, her favorite animal is Panthera Leo – the jungle king. Fortune enjoys soliloquizing. She also loves to spend quality time with family and close friends. She enjoys engaging in healthy debates and has won two debate competitions and even reached the finals in a national debate competition! She is only chatty if she is comfortable. Otherwise, she moves in silence. However, she tries not to allow her introverted nature to stand in the way of her career. Fortune is a risk-taker who enjoys heart-racing adventure. She is a better writer than a talker.

When she is not writing, you can find Fortune reading a book, surfing her favorite websites, writing on her blog, kayaking, traveling, or eating her favorite food!

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