We work with numerous clients on a weekly basis, helping them secure their valuable data stored in servers and databases. Among the backup services we have used, SimpleBackups stands out as the top choice. We are genuinely impressed with their exceptional features and user-friendly interface, which require minimal effort to navigate.

Our journey with SimpleBackups began with their free trial, and it quickly became evident that this was a service we wanted to commit to long-term. Not only do they offer reasonable pricing and plans, but they also deliver high-quality service that meets our backup needs effectively.

One aspect that sets SimpleBackups apart is their outstanding customer support. Whenever we have questions or encounter minor backup issues, their team is highly responsive and provides prompt assistance. This level of support has been invaluable to us and contributes to a smooth experience.

The scheduled backups feature has been particularly beneficial for our operations. When we need to perform hourly backups for individual databases on behalf of our clients, simplebackups’ scheduled backup service works flawlessly. Even with the complexities of operating a multiplex system, simplebackups provides the best sync configurations to ensure successful backups.

Another standout feature is the snapshot backup option. At regular intervals, simplebackups captures screenshots of our backup processes, enhancing our peace of mind and allowing us to monitor the progress of our backups. With a strong focus on security, simplebackups ensures that our data remains well protected, and their notification system is top-notch, providing timely updates.

If you are a developer or run a digital/SaaS company, we wholeheartedly recommend using simplebackups for all your backup needs. To get started, simply click on the link below and utilize our code to enjoy a 15% discount.

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